May 2018

- Working with up & coming producer/artist Guy Harrison on  a future EP and album. Watch this space!                        

September 2012

- POINT 4 track ‘INHIBITIONS' is on on hold for a new‘So Management Agency’ act ‘PROJECT 12’....  A huge buzz is surrounding the Irish female vocalist and only time will tell if she breaks through..... Keep an eye out for her.....


June 2012

-French artiste ‘RIZABANE’ currently in the studio recording a POINT 4 co-written/produced track. She has just landed a part in a national musical in her home country and our track will be her first single.                                                                   

POINT 4 MUSIC LLP      2001-2011

MAY 2011

New cut with SONY/BMG (Germany) Artist  ‘DORIAN GRAY’. In the studio recording 2nd album. Release dates to follow.

APRIL 2011

Two cuts with NEW ATLANTIC Artistes  ‘MEGAN FELLOWS’ & ‘SAMI SPURLE’ being produced by ‘ANDY STENNART’. In studio now.

MARCH 2011

Hot new British act ‘CHINA GIRL’ to record two POINT 4 collaboration tracks ‘BOOMERANG’ & ‘SPIN THE BOTTLE’. In the studio now with BMG producer.


Bold Management request POINT 4 track ‘NAKED’ to be put on hold for their new Boy-Band. Details to follow.....


JOHNNY BOY/UNIVERSAL distributed artist ‘JESSICA CLEMMONS’ putting the final touches to two POINT 4 tracks ‘SHOW ME OFF’ & ‘INVISIBLE’ for her second album. Release dates to follow....


POINT 4 Published track ‘I CAN’T WAIT till CHRISTMAS’ is featured on the acclaimed ‘COOL & YULE’ album. Available now on iTunes.


DARREN STYLES’ album ‘FEEL THE PRESSURE’ released on ALL AROUND THE WORLD/ UNIVERSAL  - featuring POINT 4  track ‘SOUND WITHOUT A NAME’   Available on itunes, Amazon etc.....


MOUSSE T’s label ‘PEPPERMINT JAM’ (Germany) put on hold a track entitled ‘ODYSSEY ‘ for their new signing. Details to follow.


POINT 4 track ‘LITTLE BIT OF OOH!’ Is selected for the finals of the Maltese Eurovision song contest to represent the country.  Finals in May 2011.


New Irish Boy-Band ‘LABELLED’ take Point 4/ Ian Lavine co-written track ‘MIX IT UP’ to be recorded soon.

JULY 2010

Finish mixing ‘SAVE ME’ For 80’s Super synth group ‘OMD’ - featuring the vocals of legendary Diva ‘ARETHA FRANKLIN’ for there new album later in the year.

JUNE 2010

DARREN STYLES ‘ is releasing his re-work of a POINT 4 track ‘SOUND WITHOUT A NAME’ as his next single on ‘ALL AROUND THE WORLD’ . Check out the video:                       


Mixing/writing for instant cult Sky TV series ‘PINEAPPLE STUDIOS’.

APRIL 2010

Release of multi Platinum selling artist ‘RAINIE YANG’S - Greatest hits album on ‘SONY/BMG’ (Taiwan) featuring POINT 4 song ‘KEEP ON PUMPING’.

November 2009

Written/Produced a single called ‘APHRODISIAC’  for ‘KELLY PEPPER’ who’s signed in the States to multi platinum selling artist AKON’S label ‘KONVICT’  

MAY 2010

Release of ‘PART SIX’ debut album on EMI (Germany) featuring POINT 4 track ‘BUMP’

MARCH 2010

Completion  of POINT 4 STUDIOS  (see studio section) Mastering suite.....


POINT 4 awarded Premier Publishing Company status from UK collection society PRS/MCPS for outstanding sales across the world....!!


POINT 4 Collaboration ‘NEED YOU TONIGHT’ by SW14 is featured on two top ten UK compilations PACHA EXPERIENCE 2 & TRUE HARDCORE VOL.2 - single coming soon...


                JUNE 2011

                     Top 10 UK club hit ‘NEED YOU TONIGHT’ gets its general release on GUT -                     Records. The POINT 4 collaboration is available now on iTunes/Amazon etc..

 JULY 2011

- In the studio writing for new Boy band from top celeb agency MONEY NORTH.....

 - POINT 4  Published track on hold for ‘ALESHA DIXON’ of MIS-TEEQ fame.

 AUGUST 2011

Romanian pop sensation ‘INNA’ to record POINT 4 track ‘I’LL DO YOU’. The Platinum selling artist is in the studio now recording her follow up to her acclaimed debut album ‘HOT’ / UNIVERSAL  MUSIC. Details to follow.....


New cut with No.1 selling band LAVUVUZELA - SEXY/EMI Records. The track entitled ‘DIRTY LOVE’ will be a single from their new album to be released in 2012. It will also be co-produced by POINT 4 ....


JOHNNY BOY/UNIVERSAL Act - ‘JESSICA CLEMMONS ‘ has finished shooting the video to POINT 4 track ‘SHOW ME OFF’ in LA this month. Due to be released in January as the first single  from her new album.

November 2011

POINT 4 Produced track ‘STARS’ performed for the King of Thailand's Birthday. A great honour and privilege.    

- In the studio writing with ‘KELLY PEPPER’ for her debut album. Details to follow.                                                                    

December 2011/2012

Happy New Year from POINT 4 . Starting the year as we mean to go on - we have two releases to look out for ; ‘SHOW ME OFF’ by Jessica Clemmons & ‘DREAMS’ by K.I.G feat. KELLY PEPPER’, check it out.....


January 2012

-In the studio recording with new ‘Money North/Boy-Band ‘NEON’. Details to follow.

- K.I.G feat Kelly Pepper building nicely with Capital FM play listing the track...                                                                   

February 2012

-In the studio recording with KELLY PEPPER for her forthcoming album. Following two recent club chart hits, Kelly will feature on new 10 BELOW track - ICE CREAM/ UNIVERSAL Records.....                                                                    

March 2012

- POINT 4 co-written/produced track entitled ‘RUSH’ is being recorded by UNIVERSAL Recording artist K-BOY  in LA.

- LAVUVUZELA - shooting the video to  P4 track ‘DIRTY LOVE’ in Cape town SA. Release & promotion details to follow....                                                      

April 2012

- New cut with Deja 34 Records (Label owned by Shaquille O’Neal) in the US. Their new signing ANGELICA will record ‘GET ME’. Two more  Point 4 tracks are on hold for the project...  Point 4 will produce.                                             

May 2012

 - POINT 4 co-written/produced track ‘Lately’ being performed by ‘STEPS' on their sold out Re-union UK Arena tour.  The bands success continues as more dates are announced throughout 2012.                                                      

July 2012

-Two POINT 4 tracks on on hold for new Japanese Teenie band ‘BANANA CHIPS’. Big support from a major  high street electrics chain.. Details as they come..                                                                

August 2012

-Working on a project for a new Norwegian artist for ‘RUSS RAGSDALE of Michael Jackson fame etc.... An album is expected in the New year. Details to follow.....                                                                  

October 2012

- Two POINT 4 tracks are being recorded by Australian X-factor finalists ‘Twin Sisters’. Veteran Oz producer ‘Chris Corby’ is behind the project. Release early 2013...


November 2012

- STEPS Ultimate tour goes straight to No. 1  on the UK Music video charts. POINT 4  track‘Lately’ features on the DVD.


Dec/January 2013

- In the studio writing & recording a new album with a new artist ‘CHERRELLE’. The album is due for release in the Summer. Details to follow.....


February 2013

- Renowned  Canadian producer JAN COOPER to record two POINT 4 tracks for his new K-Pop band. Details to follow...                                                        

March 2013

-POINT 4 would like to announce that we have signed a worldwide Publishing/Label deal in collaboration with FAIRWOOD MUSIC Ltd...  The deal will expand all interests of Point 4 around the globe and promote new signings to the record label. The signing was reported in Music week....

 Fairwood are quoted " With so many options -Fairwood are

 Honoured that Point 4  have chosen us  to represent them”                            

April 2013

- POINT 4 track ‘DIRTY LOVE’ on hold for multi- platinum selling Spanish artist ‘ MARTA SANCHEZ’ ... Recording of her seventh studio album is scheduled for Summer 2013. Details to follow.                                                 

May 2013

- POINT 4 strike deal to write for artists signed to ‘MINISTRY OF SOUND’ Australia.                                                      

June/July 2013

- In the studio mastering the ‘CHERRELLE’ album- ‘A DIFFERENT LIFE’. The album will be the first release on POINT 4 RECORDS - Cherrelle is currently filming the first video/photo shoot in Spain. Release details to follow.                                                    

August 2013

-POINT 4 strike a deal with Russian production company ‘Pitch Bright Music’ for three tracks for various Russian artistes.

- Recently signed German act  to record ‘RIGHT ON TRACK’ for forthcoming album and tour.                                              

September 2013

-Two Point 4 tracks are being recorded by top Canadian producer ‘Jan Cooper’ for his new K-POP band. Details to follow.                                                 

October 2013

-POINT 4 track ‘FRIENDS’ to feature as a theme song to a new government funded project for school education. The ‘START BEE’ project will be distributed to all schools around the world and form part of the early learning writing curriculum. We are very excited to be involved in such a huge scheme.


Nov/December 2013

-In the studio writing for multi-platinum Korean artistes ‘GIRLS GENERATION’ & ‘TVXQ’. Both acts are recording for their 5th & 10th studio albums respectively.                                             

January 2014

-Russian artiste ‘PIRANHA’ to record POINT 4 co-written track ‘INHIBITIONS' In the studio mid February. Release details to follow.                                               

February 2014

-New artist signed to EboLa Records / New Dream Records -Germany,to record two POINT 4 tracks, ‘DIRTY LOVE’ & ‘SHOW ME LOVE BACK.


March 2014

-New BBC  reality show entitled ‘SOUTH SIDE STORY’ to feature a POINT 4 co-written track ‘BOOMERANG’. Scheduled for Autumn airing.. More to follow.                                   

April 2014

-Start-Bee album nearing completion.  Marketing guru David Smith from Canon UK has come on board  to publicise the project.                                     

May 2014

-Point 4 are proud to announce the launch of their recording arm of Point 4 Music. Point 4 Records  will endeavour to sign the best of the Uk’s up & coming talent and support/ promote/release through there partners - KOBALT.                                

June 2014

-Start-Bee album nearing completion.  Release date has been delayed to January 2015.                                       

July 2014

-In the studio writing tracks for the forth-coming ‘CHRISTINA AGUILERA’ album due for release in 2015.                                     

August 2014

-Point 4 co-written track on hold for ‘SIGMA’ for their debut album due for release Christmas 2014.                                     

September 2014

-Point 4 are proud to announce the launch of their recording arm of Point 4 Music. Point 4 Records  will endeavour to sign the best of the Uk’s up & coming talent and support/ promote/release through there partners - KOBALT.                                


-Point 4 Records agree licensing deal with EMI South Africa.  The deal will see distribution and promotions of Point 4 artistes in the territory.                                   

November 2014

-Renowned US producer Don Grierson has taken  Point 4 track - SHOW ME LOVE BACK -for his new signing. Details to follow...                                   

December 2014

-Point 4 tracks -SHOW ME OFF & CUTS LIKE DIAMONDS have been short-listed for new US reality show ‘Synchronicity’. Currently in the studio....                                   

January 2015

- Re-mixing  2015 releases on Point 4 Records  ready for summer promotions with partners.                            

February 2015

-Currently in the studio.... Writing tracks for new RED ONE artiste ‘KIKA’.                                     

March 2015

-Point 4  Recording a track for new RED ONE artiste ‘KIKA’. Set to expolde in 2016.                           

April 2015

 Start -Bee project featuring Point 4 track - FRIENDS, Has been distibuted to 38,000 schools. The world is next...                            

May 2015

-Working on the label and getting ready for our first release. CHERRELLE- WANT U 2 WANT ME.                                     

 AUGUST 2015  

See’s the release of POINT 4 Records first track.  ‘WANT U 2 WANT ME’ is the first release off the forthcoming album ‘ A DIFFERENT LIFE’ by Artiste ‘CHERRELLE’....Oh.. It also hit the No.1 spot on KINGS in the states...

September 2015

-Working on tracks for the renowned ‘Johnny’s management’ label in Japan. Artistes include BOA- NAMIE AMURO- KANA NISHINO...                                 

October 2015

-Point 4 co-write ‘WHATEVER’  reached No.5 on Google play Asia. And is one of

Bibi Zhou’s most downloaded tracks on the build up to Christmas..                             

November/January 2016

- Working on a new album from ‘MARIA RUBIA’ (from Fragma fame). A New signing and collaboration with Supreme Dance Records.                           

March/April 2016

New project from renowned UK Diva ‘Angie Brown’. A live studio album and a change of direction for the popular singer. Working towards a world Wide release in the spring of 2019. Details to follow..


 May/June 2016   

See’s the release of Point 4 Records England Euro 2016 cup song, ‘RED WHITE & BLUE’. Supported by the FA and receiving national airplay. Unfortunately interest waned when England failed to make the last 16!  There’s always the World Cup.. Watch this space …

July 2017-

SEN Schools trial Start-Bee concept and get the thumbs up from the Education board. Full trials to begin in the new term at SENCO schools through-out the UK.


August/September 2017

- Finalising re-mixes and tracks from the forthcoming album signed to supreme Dance  Records UK.                        

February 2016

-Point 4 Signed exclusive label deal with ASK Records for release in South Africa territory. Our first release of ‘CHERRELLE’ ‘WANT U 2 WANT ME’ is underway.                            

October/November 2017

Starting new project for up and coming singer ‘ELLE’. Performed on X-factor to great acclaim but rejected because she was ‘Too young’. In the studio writing tracks for forthcoming release in 2017.



Completing ‘Start-Bee’ project and starting new concept for the New year.

Point 4 deal extended with Fairwood Music to cover Asian markets and revenue for the coming years.

February 2018-

Working on tracks and collaborations with International artist  ‘BILLY RAY MARTIN’. Her massive worldwide hit… ‘YOUR LOVING ARMS’ still has huge radio coverage and presence. Watch this space..!


March 2018

Re-Fitting and up-grading studio. Point 4 will be able to accommodate bands and orchestras in a large recording area….  


July 2015

-Fantastic news for us. Point 4 song ‘WHATEVER’, Has been recorded and released by last years MTV WORLDWIDE ACT of the years 2014. BIBI ZHOU.  She managed to beat ‘ONE DIRECTION’  to  the prestigious trophy, and although relatively unknown in the UK, BiBi was watched  by over 400,000,000 back home.....!!                    

June 2015

-Project Start-Bee is in full swing and distributed to 7000 schools across the UK. The world is next with many territories  already on board.                         

April 2018

Writing tracks for Asian artist and multi award winner ‘JOEY YOUNG’. Year on year this artist grows in sales and popularity. The world awaits…


June 2018

- Writing tracks for multi award winning Malaysian singer Gin lee. In the studio Autumn 2018..


July 2018

- Build up to Guy Harrison’s first release on Point4 Records- The track ‘REVOLUTION (NIGHT CALLS) is getting support from some big names. Paul Vandyk, Chicane, Mako,Sam supplier… to name but a few. Released on all platforms on August 24th          

September/October 2018

Starting new project for ex-Lead singer of classic band The Drifters. Ray Lewis will be in the studio in the new year for his solo album.


November/December 2018    

- Collaborating on a track with new DJ/Producer ALOK (Warners) whom is also working with The Chainsmokers on a forthcoming album. ALOK will be a household name in the following year.

January 2019-

-Looking forward to an exciting New Year. With two new releases from GUY HARRISON. Two Collaborations to land Summer 2019. New signings to Point 4 Records , and a possible arena tour for STEPS with new material.  Happy New year..!!!


August 2018

Welcome club hit for GUY HARRISON. Supported by the likes of Paul Van Dyk & Chicane. Good radio response.


March/April 2019

With recent success in Asia, writing and producing tracks  for forthcoming albums for RAINIE YANG & BIBI ZHOU…


February 2019

Compiling old tracks from retro act STORM for future release on Point 4 Records. Building a fanbase website for the band.


May/June 2019- Cherrelle’s Album picks up airplay play & steams in the USA rising week on week. Working on new vids for promotion.


February/May 2022

Putting the finishing touches to the government funded project ‘Start Bee’. Launching in schools in 2021 due to massive delays (Covid) in 2020.


July/August 2022

Writing and updating tracks for a new girl band that is being developed by Sony records. The band is yet untitled and will be recording over Christmas.


March/Oct 2023

–Shooting the video for the first single from the forthcoming album ‘SAVIOUR’ from ‘ANGIE BROWN’ entitled ‘TEACH ME’ it is a new style of soulful soft rock that is aimed at an older audience. DUAL CIRCLE/POINT 4 Release.