POINT 4 MUSIC LLP 2001-2023

Peter Day worked at PWL between 1987 to ‘94 ... Engineering and mixing for Kylie, Jason, Bananarama, Rick Astley, Sybil, Donna Summer etc…Pete joined Stock and Aitken for a further three years where he had the same role working with Nikki French, Robson and Jerome and he also produced the WWF and Power Rangers tracks for Simon Cowell.

Paul ‘Bronze’ Newton came from a writing / performing background. Working on many projects from the renowned 90’s label Neo Records writing and producing for many artists including : Mary Kiani, Louise, Five, The Thrillseekers, Darude, Anne Lee & NuGeneration. Whilst at Neo Records Paul aka Bronze began recruiting artists for development and with Pete signed several to major Record Companies.

Formed in 1999 Point 4 joined forces as a writing production team. Point 4 began life remixing and producing ‘Why Go’ for Faithless, ‘Here With Me’ for Dido, ‘Clubbed to Death’ for Rob Dougan and under the guidance of Morgan Nelson (Cheeky/BMG records) worked on further tracks for Faith Evans, Dru Hill, Lemar, Madison and Be-witched!

Point 4 were also signed as artists with their original composition to BMG (‘The First Time’ – Point4) in 2001. Also under pseudo names 56K - ‘Save a Prayer’ to Edel Records in 2002 (additionally to Gallo, South Africa and Sony, Australia) and as Stylus ‘Thrill Me’ to Steve Allen at WEA/London Records.

2003 saw their first top 5 & 10 (respectively) UK records with the release of Lisa Scott-Lee’s ‘Lately’ and ‘Too Far Gone’, both written and produced to master by Point4, for Steve Lillywhite at Mercury Records. Many hits followed Including ‘y-traxx’ - Mystery land, ‘Kurtis Mantronix’ - C’mon Lady, ‘Andrea Brown’ – Am I Wasted, and ‘Symphony of Strings’ - Don’t want your love….

Produced and Mastered ‘Get it Up’ for Atomic Kitten. Worked on projects for Sugarbabes, Kylie, & Gina G.